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Post  redroses2 on Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:36 pm

I posted some realizations and headcanons about Silent Hill 4 (and a little bit about Silent Hill 2 as a result) on my personal tumblr. Then I remembered that this forum existed and figured I'd share them here too. I don't know if anyone still looks at this or not (it has been a while) but I figured why not?

Further developed a headcanon about Henry Townshend about having an incredibly abusive mother and absent father, going with the themes of abusive and neglectful parents and mommy issues SH4 has.

Also discussed how James Sunderland from SH2 is both misogynistic and completely unable to exist without having a woman who he has to look after but terrified of care-taking and responsibility. Comparing and contrasting Henry and James, complete with the realization that James’s father is IN SH4 and yet has erased any sign that he has an adult son or ever had a girlfriend or wife in his room in the Ashfield Apartment complex - it’s not even James’s umbilical cord that he’s holding onto but Walter Sullivan’s, who he had never met or had any hand in raising. Both games have women who are dressed in sexy outfits and are used to further a man’s agenda and man-pain, but while SH2 completely focuses on James’s inner misogyny and his desire to be punished for it (a la Pyramid Head), Henry genuinely seems absent of any feelings at all towards women, outside of concern for Eileen’s and Cynthia’s safety. Any creepy or stalker behavior Henry exhibits is reduced to the only interaction he’s capable of having towards anyone due to his forced imprisonment in his apartment. Henry is the ONLY protagonist in the SH franchise that Silent Hill is incapable of getting inside the head of due to how shut down he is emotionally and psychologically, in ways that are really only possible as a result of trauma. Silent Hill can only get to Henry through exploitation and manipulation of Walter Sullivan’s issues and through torturing Walter and those Walter targets for his serial killing spree, and this is because Walter and Henry are two opposite extremes of the psychological responses to abuse and abandonment by one’s parents. Because Walter and Henry are two sides of the same coin, it can also be extrapolated that Henry, regardless of the abuse, truly loved his mother and cared for her, which explains his attachment to Eileen who has the incredible ability to feel maternal attachment to anyone, including a serial killer who wants to kill her for the advancement of a Silent Hill cult ritual.

Henry Townshend put all his emotions into a box and locked it shut and has never opened it since - which is why he doesn’t have an inventory system on his person but in that chest in his apartment (which was a realization after lilliputianduckling made the box analogy) and it makes the symbolism in the game really intense. Like, there was an incredible amount of thought put into these games.

You can reblog it on your tumblrs if you want at this link.

I also figured out that the blood in the bathtub and the crying of a woman in the bathroom in Henry's apartment is the memory of Walter's mother giving birth to Walter in the bathroom. When I realized that I freaked out.

I love this game.


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